Terror Peaks: Peaky Sparkle Pangs ⟍ᐠ ⸜⸌ Shockfalls ⸌ ᐠ ⸜ヽ

Heald Recordings returns with a double A side release from the artist Terror Peaks. With themes of magic, portal-summoning and ecstatic emotion, Terror Peaks pushes distorted and disjointed samples through a sharp digital press tied together with a playful live aesthetic.

A message from Terror Peaks..

Peaky Sparkle Pangs ⟍ᐠ ⸜⸌

A realm of emotional smoke and mirrors; a network of caves both small and large. Its walls, ceilings and floors are lined by tall, reflective, glassy ‘sheets’ of rock, which resemble enormous mirrors. These expand and contort in relation to their observer, whose visage when reflected back at them - becomes horribly distorted. Crystals glisten and sparkle in the blinding dark, causing pain and pleasure to blur into indistinct pangs of feeling. A blind angel stalks the halls, spouting glossolalic nonsense, devouring anything that comes into close contact.

Shockfalls ⸌ ᐠ ⸜ヽ

A plane of whirlpools that sucks explorers into lost oblivions. Angels whisper-sing into the ears of the fools who explore it, tempting them to place just one foot wrong, so as to drag them down into one of these terrifying holes. Throwing their voices and outstretching their grotesque arms, they tug, sing, and urge. The ground cackles and sputters with humming electric energy, while entrants regularly report the feeling of falling out of their own bodies. Common neuroses include derealization, vertigo, and shock.

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