Will Lister: Gridlines / Shadow Stem

New label Heald Recordings debuts with a 3 part series from UK based producer Will Lister. Heald 001 through to Heald 003 weave through an electronic soundscape, tying together familiar sounds from the club with unexpected but rich rhythmical textures in a melodic and intruiging way in a style signature to Will Lister's productions.

The opening track on HLD001, 'Gridlines', features soaring pads and memorable synth hooks, disrupted by tough, broken and twisting drums. The track builds in intensity throughout, riding the rough percussion whilst being interrupted by detuned stabs. The B side ' Shadow Stem' is a modern take on the high tempo format. Syncopated rhythms are embedded by a rich pad, guiding the track towards an unexpected peak, which plunges into a deep, space age soundworld.

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